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Necessity is the mother of invention, and that certainly applies to how we came to develop our Bottom Booster Boat Cushions. Many boats have visibility problems where it’s challenging to see over the windshield or the bow. Because you are seated so low, your view is obstructed. Some people choose to stand and place one knee in the seat when driving. My spouse was the motivation behind our booster cushion because she was experiencing the issues described above.

Now fast-forward a couple of months when my brother-in-law was out on the boat with us. My spouse mentioned the problems to him. He happens to be a 40 year veteran of upholstery and cushion making!  Fast-forward a few more months and I receive a package containing the first prototype cushion. It was an excellent start but needed more refinements. Fast-forward yet another year, my brother-in-law comes for another visit and I explain the various issues with him. He takes the cushion with him and a few weeks later a new improved cushion arrives with better foam and heavy duty grade zipper sewn in. We had our Bottom Booster Boat Cushion!

After an initial trial selling the cushions within our local boating community and through social media, we finally made the decision to begin mass-producing our popular Bottom Boosters and here we are today! We are confident that these cushions will enhance your future boating experiences.

~ Jeff and Fred


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